Human Resource Automation

Regardless of the industry, large companies can realize significant ROI by adding efficiency to their human resource processes. Employing HR automation technology, Informa can speed up HR workflows and greatly improve time-sensitive employee processes.

Workflow Automation & Analysis

Analyzing your new automated workflows and digitized documents have never been easier. Track metrics and measure your success with detailed insights into your business processes. More efficiency means more time…more time means more money in your pocket.

Integrate with your HRIS

Auto-complete electronic forms, allow for self-service by employees, and access stored document images and workflow audit trails by integrating with an experienced and helpful Informa team.

By The Numbers


72% of employers expect some roles within HR to be completely automated in the next 10 years.


40% of HR’s time is spent on administrative work.


50% of an HR department’s time is spent processing employee information and answering questions.

Industries We Serve

- Government
- Education
- Healthcare
- Manufacturing
- Real Estate
- Retail


- Increased Efficiency Saving Valuable Time
- Saves Money
- Express On-boarding and Benefits Processing
- Built-in Permissions and Compliance Ready
- Integrated Audit Trails