eDocs Digital Transaction 

eDocs is a groundbreaking high-volume document delivery, processing, and management solution that enables a completely paperless mortgage contract environment. Delivering contracts and executing signing on Windows mobile tablets, eDocs manages document archiving and workflow, integrates with eOriginal for asset management, and facilitates e-Recording with County Recorders of Deeds.

Full-Service Integration

The robust data management and security of eDocs integrated with DocuSign and eOriginal has enabled industry, lender, and government agency acceptance of completely digital electronic mortgage transactions from sales origination through ultimate sales of securities.

Westgate Resorts Case Study


Top 3 Ideas


The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 touch capability presents sales information in a dynamic and interesting way and enables electronic signature capture with DocuSign.


From contract origination through closing, deeding, recording and securitization, the entire transaction is digital – reducing errors and eliminating multiple data entries.


eDocs incorporates standards-based processes from industry leaders DocuSign and eOriginal to ensure acceptance by all parties and agencies.

Timeshare Overview


- Utilizes DocuSign API for embedded electronic signature experience
- Light weight, user friendly experience on personalized devices promotes rapid acceptance
- Completely paperless end-to-end digital transactions
- Integrated management of legal and critical documents with eOriginal to assure authenticity and security
- Employs XML and XMP metadata associated with PDF documents to direct document processes and provide data to external systems
- Highly flexible and configurable – modular approach provides open architecture to interface with existing applications and external processes