Accounts Payable Automation

Eliminate inefficient paper processes with ImageQuest from Informa Software. Normally, invoice processing requires great amounts of manual effort and patience causing a burden on internal resources and company vendors. Digitally transform your AP department with a solution from Informa to reduce your cycle times, increase ROI, and reduce department costs.

IQ Full-Invoice Processing Solution

Informa’s ImageQuest (IQ) for Accounts Payable provides a full invoice processing solution to help organizations overcome the cost, time, and errors associated with manual invoice handling.

IQ Functionality and Capabilities

Informa’s ImageQuest (IQ) has functionality for capturing incoming supplier invoice data, exception processing via workflow, and document retention. ImageQuest for Accounts Payable easily integrates with most ERP systems.

By The Numbers

Save Time

8.3 days is the average time to process a single invoice. Learn how to reduce to 2.9 days.

Upgrade Invoice Efficiency

19.2 % is the average “straight-through” invoice processing rate. Learn how to average as high as 65% and higher.

Cut Cost

On average for all-inclusive cost, it is $10.08 to process a single invoice. Learn how lower your processing costs.


- Minimize invoice processing time, optimize efficiency
- Increase ROI from ERP system
- Reduced cycle times
- Increased productivity
- Lower costs, reduce manual data keying


- Automate invoice data entry with OCR
- Manage the review and approval process
- Leverage designated workflows
- Automate invoice routing and sorting
- Generate reports
- Enter invoices from any location