Enterprise Content Management

Managing content today is much more than storing and retrieving documents. A mobile workforce demands efficient distribution. Decentralized decision making requires routing for approvals of more complex workflows, because what ultimately matters is not the document but the information it contains.

ImageQuest ECM

ImageQuest ECM is engineered to serve small business to the enterprise level as information needs to be captured, stored, and retrieved so paper can be eliminated.

ECM Capabilities

ImageQuest from Informa is powerful content management software that can stand alone as a user-friendly document management system or be deployed as the core of an integrated workflow and business process automation application.

By The Numbers

Expanding Market

The global ECM market size to grow from $40.1B USD to $66.9B USD by 2025 at CAGR of 10.8%

ECM Growth Factors

Over 80% of businesses still have a need for organized, categorized, and structured content personalized for targeted audiences.

Customer Satisfaction

74% of businesses list "improve the experience of our customers" as a top priority- the proper support is needed.

Industries We Serve

- Non-Profits
- Education
- Manufacturing 


- Integration with Your CRM
- Document Management Control
- Compliance with Industry Regulations