Remittance Processing

Millions of envelopes that contain checks and payment coupons arrive to businesses every week, all of which need to be processed in a timely manner. Traditionally, processing large amounts of payments have required many bureaucratic decisions to review and process each payment. This labor-intensive task is extremely time-consuming and often requires the addition of temporary employees to complete the job.

How to Automate

In today’s business environment with increasing pressure to decrease costs and increase efficiencies, tax collectors are evaluating the benefits of automating their remittance processes. Manual processing with multiple human interactions slows the rate at which transactions are fulfilled. This impacts your ability to work smarter and complete paperwork in a timely and secure fashion.

Realize Efficiency

What if you could accelerate your remittance process by cutting down human interactions significantly? With the Informa Remittance Processing solution, you can realize true efficiency. We have seen some of our clients achieve straight-through-processing (touchless) rates as high as 80 to 90%. It all adds up to fewer errors, greater efficiency, lower costs, more information, and faster payments.

Core Capabilities

1. "One-Touch" Processing

2. Automated Check Reading

3. Automated Payment Coupon Reading

4. Data Validation

5. Electronic Deposit

6. Image Archival

Informa Primary Benefits

- Reduce Processing Costs
- Reduce Human Intervention
- Complete Audit Trail
- Same-Day Deposits using ICL
- Account Matching and Exception Processing
- Integration with Back-End Tax Solution

Digitized Process Features

- Eliminate Multiple Document Handling Steps
- Improve Accuracy by Significantly Reducing Data Entry
- Automatically Validate and Post Payments to External Systems
- Facilitate Fast Resolution of Payment Discrepancies
- Archive All Documents for Searchable Record Retention