Faxutil Date/Time Field in Rightfax 10.6 FP2

Update:  In Rightfax 10.6 feature pack 3, users can change this setting with a simple drop-down box (Options > More Options tab).

In Rightfax Faxutil 10.6 feature pack 2, the column Date/Time column display was changed.  To control the behavior of the Date/Time column display, make the necessary change to the following registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareRightFax Clientfuw32

ShowClientTime (REG_DWORD)

0 = Server Time;

1 = Client Time;

2 = Server Time - old way;

3 = Server time - old way (Client Time-old way)

The value '2' was the default for previous versions; 0 is the default on new versions.  See below for screenshots of each option.

[Note:  Changes should be made with Faxutil closed.  The change will only affect the currently logged on user.]

Source:  OTKB Article Number: 61235701

ShowClientTime = 0

ShowClientTime = 1

ShowClientTime = 2

ShowClientTime =3