Rightfax Enterprise Fax Reporter

Rightfax Enterprise Fax Reporter is an application installed with the Administrative Utilities in the Rightfax Product Suite.  Fax Reporter can be installed on the Rightfax server or on a workstation.

Install Administrative Utilities on the Rightfax server (Will create downtime of ~5 minutes):

  1. Open the Control Panel on the Rightfax server.
  2. Open the Programs and Features applet.
  3. Select Rightfax Product Suite and click Change.
  4. Add/Remove Features should be the only option, click Next.
  5. Check the box for Administrative Utilities.  (If it is already checked, click Cancel.)
  6. Click Okay.

Install Administrative Utilities on a workstation (DO NOT PERFORM THESE STEPS ON THE RIGHTFAX SERVER):

  1. Mount the Rightfax installation media.
  2. Select a custom installation.
  3. Deselect everything in the list.
  4. Select only the Administrative Utilities.
  5. Complete the install.

Run Usage Reports:

  1. Open Rightfax Enterprise Fax Reporter.
  2. Click File > Open Report.
  3. Select the Usage_Inbound_Users.rpt.
  4. Enter the SQL server credentials. *
  5. Select the date range.
  6. On the toolbar, find the Export Report button.
  7. Change the Save as Type to PDF.
  8. Select a location to save the file.
  9. Repeat steps 3-8 using Usage_Outbound_Users.rpt.
  10. Send the files to your Informa Software representative.

* The credentials used depend on your SQL server configuration.


Please feel free to contact Informa Software Support if you run into any problems or have any questions:

Informa Software