Adding New Users


To add a new user to the Warehouse, select Manage Users in the “Manage Warehouse” window.

Enter the name of the user in the “Username” field and the Domain in the “Domain Name” field.  When creating a new user, click the checkbox to “Allow this user to authenticate with their Active Directory credentials”; if you wish to use the user Single-Sign On (SSO) method.  See the Single Sign-On (SSO) Overview (the next topic) for more information.  Click “Add User” at the bottom right to finish adding the new user.



See below for information about user options.


New User Information



The name of a user assigned in the cabinet (i.e. “jsmith,” “dogden”)

First Name


The first name of the user

Last Name


The last name of the user


An access code assigned to or established by a user (i.e. case sensitive, and a combination of letters and numbers).

Confirm Password


Verify the created password.

Allow the user to authenticate with their Active Directory credentials


Activates Single Sign-On (SSO) for a user which does NOT require a password.

Domain Name

Enter the network’s NETBIOS domain name


Email Address

Enter the user’s email address for routing notifications (i.e.

Send email notifications to this user

Activates document routing notification per user through ImageQuest.



Note:  Routing notifications require further mail configuration. See the SMTP Server topic for more information.