IQ RightFax Archive Connector

Fax servers are designed for receipt and delivery of fax communications in a networked environment.  Often, problems occur when companies permit fax servers to store those faxes long-term. In order to eliminate storage and performance problems on the fax server itself, companies require a way to offload fax storage to a repository for long-term storage and easy retrieval.

The IQ RightFax Archive Connector is an archival solution for companies who use OpenText RightFax and wish to keep their fax server running efficiently.  In addition, the IQ RightFax Archive Connector provides enterprise-wide access to archived fax content without the need for client software installation.


IQ RightFax Archive Connector connects an OpenText RightFax Server to ImageQuest for fax archiving. The Rightfax Connector is not configured by default in IQ. If the Rightfax Connector is not installed, place the IQmfp CD in the CD-ROM drive on the IQ server. Select "Install IQmfp Addons" and then "Install RightFax Connector."   During the installation, you will be prompted to select the cabinet in which you would like to have archiving performed.  When the install is complete, a new link called "Configure RightFax Connector" is added in IQadministrator.


Note:  The IQ RightFax Archive Connector must be licensed in order for the link to appear in IQadministrator.