High Availability


ImageQuest supports High Availability (HA) in Active/Passive mode as of version 15.3.   The following points should be considered when running IQ in an HA environment:

·         ImageQuest only supports Active/Passive failover.  IQ services should NEVER be running on both nodes at the same time.

·         All ImageQuest databases should be hosted on a shared SQL server or farm

·         All ImageQuest images should be hosted on a shared SAN disk or on a NAS device

·         The IQ OCR and IQfolder services should be setup to be dependent on the IQApplication Service Host service

·         WebIQ and the IQAPI should be configured separately on each node

·         WebIQ sessions will be reset when failing over from one node to another

·         ImageQuest clients should reference the ImageQuest servers by the virtual name and not the individual node names.

·         During a failover, WebIQ users will not be able to commit in-process work on an active work item that acquired a record lock until the 30-minute lock expiration has elapsed. Once this time interval has elapsed, the user will have to open the work item in IQdesktop in order to override the lock.




To configure ImageQuest to broadcast the virtual server name instead of the local server name, open Regedit.exe on each node and browse to the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Informa Software\ImageQuest

Add the following string value where virtualservername is the fully qualified name that you want the IQ clients to access:

Name:  VirtualServer

Data:  virtualservername


VirtualServer registry example