Confirm Device Model Number and Firmware Versions


Before installing OXPd, confirm the HP device supports OXPd and it is running at least the minimum firmware version required.  The list below displays the supported devices and minimum required firmware versions.




The devices covered in this release include the following models:


·         LJ M3035mfp series:                       256MB, 48.101.4

·         CLJ CM3530mfp series:                  512MB, 53.031.4

·         LJ 4345mfp series:                           256MB, 09.151.3

·         LJ M4345mfp series:                       256MB, 48.101.4

·         LJ M4349mfp series:                       256MB, 48.101.4

·         CLJ 4730mfp series:                        256MB, 46.231.3

·         CLJ CM4730mfp series:                  384MB, 50.081.3

·         LJ M5035mfp series:                       256MB, 48.101.4

·         CLJ CM6030mfp series:                  512MB, 52.051.3

·         CLJ CM6040mfp series:                  512MB, 52.051.3

·         CLJ CM6049mfp series:                  512MB, 52.051.3

·         LJ 9040mfp series:                           256MB, 08.141.3

·         LJ 9050mfp series:                           256MB, 08.141.3

·         LJ M9040mfp series:                       384MB, 51.051.4

·         LJ M9050mfp series:                       384MB, 51.051.4

·         LJ M9059mfp series:                       384MB, 51.051.4

·         DS 9200C:                                            256MB, 09.151.3

·         DS 9250C:                                            256MB, 48.091.3

·         CLJ 9500mfp series:                        512MB, 08.141.3

·         SJ 7000n:                                              Natively Supported

·         M4500 series:                                   Natively Supported


HP device firmware version can be retrieved from the device configuration page.

HP device firmware can be downloaded from


NOTE:  Any newer HP MFP device that has OXPd 1.4 already installed will be supported on a best effort basis.