Configure IQmfp (OXPd)

In order to provide the best software and product support for our customers, Informa must periodically retire older versions and certain features of our software.  This enables us to dedicate all our resources in delivering the latest features, enhancements and support to our current version - used by most Informa customers.  While there is currently no plan to eliminate the IQmfp connector from ImageQuest, this feature will no longer receive any development or support for new devices.  Currently, IQmfp requires HP OXPd version 1.4 and newer versions will not be supported.


An alternative solution provided by MFP manufacturers is the ability to scan to network folder.  A profile can be created for each user of the device which will place a PDF or TIF image in the specified user’s network folder.  ImageQuest can be configured to poll each users folder using IQfolder resulting in the same experience as provided by the IQmfp connector.


If you have questions or concerns, please call Informa support at 877-475-7778.

“Configure IQmfp (OXPd)” is the method for adding and managing ImageQuest on supported HP MFP Devices.  ALL HP MFPs MUST BE UPGRADED to OXPd in order to work with ImageQuest.

Before adding a new device, the OXPd Solution Installer must be installed on the device.  If OXPd 1.4 is already installed on the device, please proceed to configuration at the end of this topic.