Workflow Definitions*


Building on the ad-hoc variety of workflow described above, Workflow Definitions allows administrators to create automated workflow processes based on your current manual processes.  Based on information such as vendor or invoice amount, the system will automatically move the invoice through each step of the process.  This approach virtually eliminates any human decisions as to where the invoice goes next, providing a consistent and robust solution to your accounts payables approvals process.


Workflow Definitions are highly customizable and may be used to automate processes around any documents types. Workflow Definitions can be configured to 

·         Set attribute values dynamically based on values of other attributes

·         Generate approval tasks and route them to users or roles based on conditional logic

·         Create parallel tasks

·         Send notifications based on conditional logic

·         Rotate pages

·         Assign general ledger coding tasks

·         And more!


For documentation, refer to the ImageQuest Custom Workflow Guide.


*Please contact the Informa Software’s Sales or Client Services team for additional information.