Service Information

By default, ImageQuest checks every 4 hours for signed documents which must be retrieved and stored in ImageQuest. This interval can be changed and the lowest recommended interval is one hour. While decimal values are supported, frequent polling can result in a DocuSign account suspension.  Polling also occurs immediately whenever the IQ Application Host service is restarted. For testing, click “Poll Now” to save the configuration and force ImageQuest to poll DocuSign within the next 30 seconds for newly signed envelopes.

Signed documents are retrieved when DocuSign considers them to be in a “completed” state; i.e., all recipients have completed signing. Envelope creation and signing events are recorded in the IQ document history. If the document was originated in IQ, an email goes to the IQ user who sent the document for signature (if they are configured to receive email notifications), informing them that the document was signed and retrieved.

Some documents may be sent out but never get signed. The DocuSign account can be configured to expire documents after x day(s). ImageQuest will honor this expiration configuration and will not save expired DocuSign documents. In addition, recipients may decline to sign. In these cases, if the document originated in IQ, the document history will be updated accordingly and the IQ user who sent the document will be notified (if they are configured to receive email notifications). If the document originated in DocuSign, the document will simply never be saved to IQ.