5 steps to create a Paperless In-house Legal Department

How to Create a Paperless In-house Legal Department

Creating a paperless in-house legal department improves efficiency and makes legal operations pretty convenient. Imagine a situation in which your client is waiting for a special legal document. He kept on waiting while you were rifling through bundles of papers. In contrast, digital contracts are readily available anytime and anywhere.

So, going paperless improves your management system and makes it more accessible. The paperless internal legal department automates the contractual processes and current workflows to accelerate the company's productivity.

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You might be thinking about how you can create a paperless internal department. Let's get into this.

Steps to create a Paperless Internal Legal Department

You want to digitalize your in-house legal department, right? You just need to follow the straightforward steps discussed in the following section. Businesses save 55-78% in administrative costs by collecting signatures via electronic documents instead of paper-based ones. So, going paperless can potentially save you a lot.

Effective Planning for going Paperless

This may seem obvious, but the single most important step toward transitioning your paper-based administration into a paperless internal legal department is effective strategic planning. You need to map out your objectives and understand your ongoing legal workflows to have an insight into where you need improvement. Then, you can evaluate the time, resources, and associated costs.
Thus, adequate planning and strategic partners who understand your business will definitely assist in making your in-house legal department paperless.

Choose Roadmap to Digitalize your Documents

After doing proper planning, you need to figure out which documents need to be digitalized. If you want to automate all your legal documents, you need to opt for a strategy to do that. For this purpose, you need to divide your legal databases into multiple milestones, workflows, and sections to execute the process effectively.

Therefore, you need to do a little homework to understand your current process and automate the documents accordingly. 80% of the errors are reduced by going paperless.

Select In-house Legal Department Management Software

The most significant step in digitalizing your internal law department is to select the right tools and technologies for going paperless. Your selected software should be capable of optimizing your in-house legal department management system.

Moreover, you can categorize your workflows through these management tools. You can implement these automation applications at different stages of the legal process to digitalize the whole legal department. These processes can include preparing the contract terms, automatically collecting new policies, and distributing them to concerned departments and individuals.

Get the right Paperless Equipment

To make your internal legal department automated, you need to invest in the right equipment to simplify the process. For this purpose, you need to have a scanner to scan all your documents. It helps you to make copies of your legal documents. Next, you will also need a paper shredder to destroy the paper. The legal documents integrate confidential details, so the shredder helps to keep the information private.

Additionally, you also need to keep your automated data safe and secure. For this, you can exploit extra computer monitoring tools to keep the info intact.

Businesses get 70% to 80% efficiency improvements after switching from manual processes to adopting digital tools like e-signature solutions.

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Maintain Security of the Internal Legal Department

Additionally, your automated in-house legal department contains all your client's confidential information. This info includes personal data and private legal documentation. The cloud contains all these necessary documents and info about the shareholders. Therefore, you must have an effective management system to keep the data safe and secure.

Benefits of switching to a Paperless Internal Legal Department

Advancements in business technology play a significant role in achieving a company's targets more efficiently. Paper legal processes are the too slow and conventional way of managing departments. So, paperless solutions improve the speed of task execution and make them faster. Various management tools are used in the internal legal department to make the entire process automated. It reduces the costs of paper, pen, and printing, making it a cost-effective process.


In short, a paperless in-house legal department is an accessible setup to share legal information easily. Instead of a manual process, the electronic setup offers cost-effective solutions. You can store, manage and share files more easily and quickly in digital form. It can be challenging to automate these manual and traditional legal processes. Don't fret. Informa Software has everything to facilitate the automation process, and we can work with you every step of the way.

Our main goal is to enhance productivity through the efficient digitalization of your business, and we offer innovative solutions to optimize complex workflows and accelerate business success. So, what are you waiting for? Let's talk!

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