Imagequest Migration

This article outlines a standard migration of ImageQuest from one server to another.  The steps are the same for an existing or new SQL Server.

*NOTE:  If you are migrating from a 32-bit operating system to a 64-bit operating system, please verify that the migration is supported.  (check your administrator guide or contact Informa Support)

Confirm all users are out of the ImageQuest system prior to performing any ImageQuest backups, upgrades or migrations.

You must install the SAME version of ImageQuest on the new server.  If the versions of ImageQuest differ between the two servers, the migration will fail.

1.  Backup the current ImageQuest system to include the following:

  • ImageQuest program files (typically located here:  C:\Program Files\Informa Software\ImageQuest)
  • ImageQuest images directory (if located on the ImageQuest server)
  • Backup the ImageQuest SQL database through SQL Server Management Studio. This will create a .BAK file.

2. Run the ImageQuest server install on the new server and configure it to create a blank/”dummy” SQL database called  “IQdelete” (this will be deleted prior to migrating the old database).

3. Stop all of the ImageQuest services on the “old” server.

4. Delete the IQdelete SQL database that was created with the new installation on the new server.

5. Restore the .BAK file on the new server through SQL Server Management Studio.

6. Run the Informa ImageQuest Database Configuration Utility.

7. Restart the IQApplication service on the new server.

8. If the ImageQuest images are located on the ImageQuest server, copy the directory and paste to the same location on the new ImageQuest server. If the Images are not stored on the ImageQuest server, they do not need to be moved.  However, please confirm that the Logon for the IQ Application Service account on the new server is updated to use an account that has proper access to the images directory.

9. Launch IQAdministrator on the new server and verify all links are working correctly.

10. Install/launch IQDesktop on the new server and verify image search and viewing functions work properly.

11. Launch IQdesktop from a workstation and verify connection to the new server and image search and viewing functions work properly.

12. Contact Informa Software to obtain a new license key as the Server ID will be different on the new server.