Enable Logging During Installation

If ImageQuest fails to upgrade or install, you can enable logging with msiexec’s built in logging feature.  To enable logging to send to support@informasoftware.com for assistance, use the following install methods to create a log file.

From an elevated command prompt:  (right-click and runas)

msiexec -i server.msi /L*v C:\serverlog.txt

msiexec -i client.msi /L*v C:\clientlog.txt

To get verbose (everything) level logging, you need to use the /L*v parameter to output a log file to the location specified

For example, to enable logging for the server install, you would use the following command:

msiexec -i server.msi /l*v serverlog.txt

Command Prompt Example:

C:\Users\administrator>cd C:\
C:\>cd installation
C:\Installation>msiexec -i server.msi /l*v serverlog.txt

In the example above, the msi is located in C:\Installation and the serverlog will be created in the C:\Installation directory.