Informa has a utility called ADSync that can sync Active Directory users in an Organizational Unit (or “OU”) or Groups to pre-defined ImageQuest Roles.

First off, you will need to determine what AD OU’s or Groups you will want to sync.  Next, you will need to create ImageQuest Roles in IQadministrator for each AD OU or Group you plan to sync.

Then, you configure and perform the sync:

  1. Run the ADSyncAdmin.exe on the ImageQuest server.
  2. In the ADSync screen, click “Add Link” to open the Link Editor.
  3. The Link Editor will list all available AD Objects on the left and all available ImageQuest Roles on the right.
  4. Select a Group or OU on the left and select the associated ImageQuest Role on the right.
  5. Check “Enable email notifications if addresses are available” (optional)
  6. Check “Remove users from IQ role if they no longer exist in the linked AD object” (optional)
  7. Click “Link” to create the link and return to the ADSync screen.
  8. Confirm the newly created link information is correct.
  9. Run ADSync.exe on the ImageQuest server to run the sync.

The sync will create new users in ImageQuest and also perform the following:  Populate Username, Domain Name and Email Address.  It will also enable “Send email notifications to this user”.  The users will be also be members of the ImageQuest Role that was linked to the AD OU or Group in the Link Editor.  A Link.xml is created when the ADSync.exe runs and is placed in the same directory where the ADSync utility resides.