OpenText TeleForm

For high volume repetitive data entry, Informa uses OpenText TeleForm to eliminate time-consuming manual document sorting and manipulation. TeleForm enables you to automatically capture, classify, and extract data and images from paper and electronic documents. Using powerful recognition technologiesto read hand-print, machine print, optical marks, barcodes, and signatures, TeleForm creates accurate, process-ready content in real time. You can easily capture information from documents received via scan, fax, email, Internet, and mobile devices. Through advanced recognition and pattern-matching technologies, TeleForm understands all document types— structured, semi-structured, and unstructured. TeleForm provides a single platform for capturing all documents at the point they are received via FTP and the Internet, across different departments, businesses and geographies. This unified approach to document capture improves business operations across the enterprise through process acceleration, cost reduction, lower compliance risk, enforced process consistency and increased information security.

Reduced Time and Costs – TeleForm lowers time and costs
associated with data entry by up to 90% and overall processing
time by 500%.

Increased Productivity – TeleForm virtually eliminates manual
data entry, freeing staff for more important tasks.
Enhanced Data Accuracy – TeleForm automatically cleans and
confirms data using business rules processing and database

Improved Data Availability – TeleForm immediately delivers
completed forms and documents into back-end systems for
instant storage and retrieval.

Superior Scalability – TeleForm easily integrates with existing
applications and databases for expanded functionality and

Exceptional Flexibility – TeleForm manages both paper and
online forms and documents. eForm functionality is available via
add-on module or integration with OpenText LiquidOffice.