OpenText LiquidOffice

A key goal of any organization is to take advantage of all the information available to make sound business decisions. For complex workflows, Informa employs OpenText LiquidOffice to utilize all information sources, structured and unstructured, to manage processes and optimize business outcomes. OpenText LiquidOffice utilizes electronic forms and contextual data to capture and understand all your information and orchestrate the flow of data and tasks between workers and computers. Intuitive tools can automate, test, and monitor activities to make your business processes consistent and auditable, resulting in better outcomes, fewer errors, and reduced compliance risk. The solution helps you to reduce risk, increase performance, and optimize business results across processes that serve your customers, suppliers, and employees. You can turn business processes into strategic assets that help you build a competitive advantage.



  • Take advantage of intelligent, comprehensive, graphical workflow modeling and simulation tools to define and test processes.
  • Employ a web-based electronic forms designer to create and distribute electronic forms embedded with business logic to increase process efficiency.
  • Gain visibility into business processes and optimize performance across the enterprise with business activity monitoring using a comprehensive monitoring and management dashboard.
  • Enable decision makers to access, review, digitally sign, and approve steps in pivotal business processes from anywhere, and on any mobile device.
  • Manage processes from end-to-end with seamless integration among all Autonomy ECM components. Initiate workflows from multifunction printers, extract data from captured forms, route documents, and save forms for comprehensive automation.
  • Securely connect people across the enterprise with information and processes, whether inside or outside the firewall. Expansive tracking and auditing capabilities log user and administrative activity in the management console, enabling you to meet compliance mandates.