ImageQuest Enterprise Content Management

Effective information management is key for an organization to achieve high performance, yet the sheer abundance of documents, file folders, spreadsheets, etc. causes a number of challenges. As the cost of data management increases and finding the right information becomes more difficult, companies find that information is not used to its best advantage due to lack of accessibility in a timely manner. Organizations of all sizes and types are working harder than ever to be operationally lean, inefficient processes still govern the way documents are created, filed, and distributed. These processes have saddled many with labor-intensive, paper-based procedures that monopolize valuable employee time and limited resources. Typically document management software could be described as over-priced and feature-bloated or inexpensive with limited capabilities that offer little actual value. ImageQuest Enterprise Management changes this landscape dramatically with a modular design that offers capture, storage and workflow capabilities. Whether you are looking to archive old documents, insure regulatory compliance, improve inefficient manual processes, reduce storage costs, protect against natural disasters or simply find documents and related information faster, ImageQuest is a solution with the features you need most at a price that’s affordable for any budget.



  • Increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Ensure document integrity and security
  • Optimize access to information
  • Improve organizational collaboration and communication
  • Improve business agility
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Scalable and modular design to access features as needed
ImageQuest Introduction Animation – 2:01 min

Capture from a Scanner – 1:26 min

Routing for Approval – 1:05 min

Advanced Search and Edit – 1:14 min

User Roles and Security – 1:04 min

Additional Capture Methods – 1:12 min

Office Integration – 1:15 min

WebIQ Web Viewer – 0:48 min