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ImageQuest encompasses our family of document management solutions that capture, store, process and retrieve documents electronically without the complexity and expense of traditional document management software.  ImageQuest enables companies to gain the efficiency of an electronic filing and workflow system, creating a practical way for organizations to eliminate paper and work more effectively.

Informa’s software has been designed using state of the art Microsoft technology to provide a modular and flexible framework allowing us to meet the demands of virtually any user or business unit regardless of size or industry segment.

Simple system built on a robust enterprise class foundation

ImageQuest document management systems employ a services-oriented architecture (SOA) utilizing Microsoft’s .NET framework. Residing on industry standard servers or workstations with a Windows operating system, the indexer uses a Microsoft SQL database with searching, retrieving and viewing of documents accomplished with a desktop client or web viewer. An optional API is available to allow third-party products to interface with documents stored in an ImageQuest Cabinet. It provides a mechanism to add, update, and query documents and the attributes, images, and any associated notes. By providing an API, we open up ImageQuest to become a critical component of business workflows and allow for scalability and flexibility to avoid obsolescence issues resulting from customer growth.

ImageQuest Product Offerings

IQmfp is our electronic filing solution that offers document capture, indexing, storing, routing and retrieval. Capturing documents from any MFP, scanner or copier capable of sending images to a shared folder on the network, IQmfp is also able to index and store existing electronic documents by adding a button to MS Office applications or Windows explorer. Stored documents are retrieved and viewed using Microsoft’s IE web browser or a client application that provides ad hoc workflow (routing), note attachment, saved search queries and document history (audit trail). When combined with HP LaserJet MFPs or Scanjet scanners, IQmfp can capture documents and initiate workflows using buttons on these devices for an even greater level of simplicity and ease of use.

The architecture and out-of-the-box functionality of IQmfp greatly exceed the features of software typically offered in this price range. These products include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for full-text search, ODBC data lookup for automated indexing, as various data output capabilities, making IQmfp an enterprise class application delivered as an easy to install and use product that meets the document management needs of nearly any small or medium business.

IQmfp is delivered as a packaged product and is available from major online software retailers as well as IT solution providers. Various packages are available with pricing dependent upon features and user count. Contact our Channel Partners or your IT service provider for details.

IQformsIQworkflow and the ImageQuest Integration Edition are offered by Informa for customers whose requirements exceed the capabilities of our packaged products. Building upon the modular design of ImageQuest, our development team is able to rapidly provide solutions specifically tailored to meet the needs of any business process. Our philosophy is to deliver what you need, not force you to pay for a laundry list of included features that you may never use. Our solutions include forms processing, complex or data driven workflows, data extraction, remittance processing, index automation, and database or application integration.

Contact us to discuss your business process automation requirements.